Local Regulations

Paragliding Accuracy World Cup

Mount Yamaska, Canada

October 5th to 7th 2018

These Local Regulations are to be used in conjunction with the most recent versions of the FAI Sporting Code:

General Section
Section 7 Common
Section 7 Guidelines and Templates
Section 7C

1. Contacts


Contact Information:
Head Office :144 Maple Street, Guelph, ON N1G 2G7
Email info@aeroclubofcanada.ca

Competition Organiser(s): Sandra Ducasse

Sandra Ducasse, Event Director email: pgawc.canada@gmail.com
Tel: +15144666935
Denis Laferriere, Meet Director email: pgawc.canada@gmail.com

Official website: http://www.paraccuracy.ca



2. Officials

Event Director: Sandra Ducasse (CAN)
Meet Director: Denis Laferriere (CAN)
Chief Judge: Tone Tursic (SLO)
Event Judge: Elizabeth Marquez (COL)



3. Schedule



October 4th


10:00-18:00 Registration
9:00-18:00 Judges Seminar
13:00-18:00 Unofficial Training


October 5th


8:00 Mandatory Safety Briefing
9:00-12:00 Official Practice Round
12:00-13:30 Opening Ceremony
13:30-18:00 Competition afternoon


October 6th


8:00-18:00 Competition Day


October 7th


8:00-18:00 Competition Day
19:00 Closing Ceremony


The schedule is subject to change. Any changes before the start of the competition will be posted on the website.


After the start of the competition, any changes will be announced by the Meet Director at the Team Leaders’ briefing and posted on the official notice board at headquarters.



4. Daily Schedule


On training and competition days:


8:00 Team leaders briefing
8:30 Transport to the take off
9:30 Wind dummy launch and start of the round
18:00 End of flying time

The daily schedule is subject to change. After the start of the competition, changes will be announced by the Meet Director at the Team Leaders’ briefings and posted on the official notice board at headquarters.



5. Entry


The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 120.
The registration system (online: www.paraccuracy.ca) will be closed when the total number of participating pilots reaches 120.



6. Entry Fee


The Entry fee will be 75$CDN.
The Entry fee includes:
Name badge and safety/contact information.
Competitor identification
Transport to take-off for official training day and on competition days
Daily snack package, water (on official training days and competition days)
Competition souvenirs
Free access to all championship events and parties
Free internet (Wi-Fi) access at the HQ
Emergency rescue and first aid medical service


Entry fees are to be paid at the registration office located at the competition site.

The Entry Fee does not include:
• Accommodation
• Breakfast and Evening Dinner
• Airport Transfer (transportation)


Note: Transportation can be made available from airports to the event accommodation / competition HQ. These costs for accommodation, additional meals and airport transfer will be at the competitor’s expense and the prices will be posted on the competition website.



8. Registration


Pre-registration for all pilots will be opened on the PGAWC official website until October 1st 2018.
On registration day, pilots must report to registration office to have their documents checked and to receive supplementary information.


Required documents:
1. National Association membership card (min p2 canadian level or equivalent)
2. FAI License
3. PGAWC ID Card
4. HPAC/ACVL temporary membership for insurance (40$CDN) if not already a member.


Important Note: all foreign competitors do have to take out temporary HPAC/ACVL (Canadian paragliding association) membership to be insured. Application will be done at the registration.




9. Accommodation


Visit the ‘’Accommodation’’ page on the website or look for your own preferred accommodation close to the village Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford, Qc, Canada where the competition will be held.



10. Transportation


Visit the ‘’Transportation’’ page on the website



11. Equipment


Every Pilot is responsible for the working- condition and safety of equipment. Equipment must comply with pilot qualification. It is necessary to have a helmet suitable for paragliding and a rescue parachute.
In addition, pilots are required to fly with a contest number. This will be provided by the event organisation and must be attached to the leg.
The contest number will be drawn at random.



12. Safety Committee


The Safety Committee will include 3 competition pilots from different countries.

13. Competition Site


Location: Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford, Quebec, Canada

Location Coordinates: N 45 28.570 O 72 52.959

Altitude: Take-off 385m ASL(Hill take off)

Altitude: Landing zone 35m ASL

Height difference: 350m



14. Number of rounds


Number of rounds: maximum six (6) rounds per competition.
Validation: minimum one round has to be completed to validate the competition. In the case that only the official training round is done, it will become a competition round.

Competition has to be judged by team of skilled judges, led by an international judge. PGAWC technical delegate helps competition director to run smoothly. One (1) hour after final round, results are published online.





Teams of pilots, who announce their participation to PGAWC before start of a competition season, will have privilege status. This status can be achieved also before start of other competitions in PGAWC season and teams which will announce their participation will have a more privilege space.
That means:
on a web site www.pgawc.org teams can publish team name and team logo,
in a subtitle teams can prepare a short description of team, list of a team members and their sponsor,
at each competition site, teams have a right to place their advertisement material
In order to achieve this status, teams have to announce this latest 7 days before competition.



16. PGAWC scoring and prizes


Individual competition: if there are five or more valid rounds, the worst individual score is dropped,
Team competition, team consists of four pilots or more but only four of them compete at one team competition. Pilots can not change the team during the season
Team scoring: three (3) best team members scores from each round count toward team result for that round, there is no score dropping after 5th round in team scoring.
Final PGAWC tour ranking for individual and for team ranking: best 2/3 round results from whole PGAWC tour in one season counts toward final ranking for that season.



17. Competitor’s obligations


Competitor must have a valid FAI sporting license and third-party liability insurance.
Competitor has to register at www.pgawc.org or follow the link on the
organization internet site at www.paraccuracy.ca.



18. Rewards and money prises


Overall category

1st place: 400 $CDN
2nd place: 300 $CDN
3rd place: 150 $CDN
And gifts


Female category

1st place: 200 $CDN
2nd place: 100 $CDN
3rd place: 50 $CDN
And gifts

Cups, medals and gifts for team category.



19. Wind speed


The maximum permitted wind speed is 5 m/s.



20. Competition rules


In accordance with Section 7C.



21. Amateur video evidence



Amateur video evidence will be accepted.



22. Complaints and Protests


Complaint can be delivered orally to the Event Director and/or Chief Judge.
Decision to appeal shall be taken by a Pilot individually immediately after landing and before discussing a problem with others.
If a protestor is not satisfied by the result, he can give his protest in written form to Event Director. The protest shall be given in 2 hours after informing about the results of oral protest.
Giving the written protest shall be paid by 50$CDN deposit. If a protest is satisfied the deposit is given back.



23. Penalties and other general rules


Penalties In accordance with Section 7C.



24. National Flags and Anthems



Teams entering the competition must bring one (1) of their national flags. They should be approximately 150 x 225cm in size such that they match when flown together in a row (rather than some large and some small).


Teams are requested to bring a CD/MP3 of their national anthem.